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Growing up in a mountainous, subtropical region of Taiwan, Sophie has always been fascinated by nature and its beauty. It was there that she first began her studies in traditional herbal medicine and horticulture, and later became licensed in cosmetology. Since then, Sophie has been on the journey of living simply and naturally. 

Her journey to finding the perfect skincare products started when she first immigrated to the United States. She realized, while browsing shelves of bottles and jars in the skin and beauty department, that there wasn't a single skincare product that contained raw, all-natural ingredients with absolutely no artificial fragrance or chemical additives. After years of experimenting with different products, Sophie decided to create her own with her own approach to what skincare should be - truly natural. 

She believed that skincare rituals should be simple and enjoyable and wanted to simplify skincare starting with dry, sensitive skin. For two years, she began creating formulations that combined essential vitamins, minerals, and botanicals to restore skin to its optimum health and vitality. Her love and appreciation for nature's resourceful simplicity has inspired her to create True Formulation – a premium skincare line that is 100% natural and handmade fresh upon order.

What first began as a personal quest to create the perfect skin cream turned into years of research and experimentation to not only satisfy her own need but to bring the best of nature’s simple yet powerful resources to her friends – and now to the world.