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As women ourselves, we spent a long time trying to find the best ways to take care of our skin. The truth was, we couldn't find any skincare products without harmful chemicals or artificial additives - and even those with "natural" labels had added agents or preservatives that simply are not good for our skin. Aside from home remedies, there were no real alternatives. 

True Formulation was created by two women who wanted a different way of skincare for themselves, their friends and family, and the world. They had a vision that skincare should be truly 100% natural, effective, and luxurious. Meticulously handmade, beautifully balanced in nature's purest and finest ingredients, and fresh every jar. 

Our mission is not only helping women look beautiful naturally but also being a champion for every women being her most amazing self. True beauty comes from within, and we want everyone to embrace theirs and achieve beyond what they think they are capable of accomplishing. We have a particular focus on equipping women immigrants and refugees with the necessary opportunities and skills to create the lives that they envision. Through our initiatives and partnership with local organizations, we want to establish True Formulation as a trusted skincare company and a platform that gives voice to beautiful, strong, and powerful women.