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Our products are truly fresh – made from raw unrefined, unprocessed ingredients. Like fresh food, the nutrition is truly preserved for your skin. 

So, because there are no chemicals, nor artificial scents added to our skin cream, this product will expire much sooner than others currently in the market – usually in about 45 days.  (Would you want to buy a quart of milk that expired in 6 months or a year? We don’t think so.) Freshness is just that – fresh.

 To make it easy, like the local milkman of old, delivering milk every day – you can set up a worry-free, reoccurring monthly order so you’ll always have the freshest skin cream available at your fingertips. 

The formulas, process and production

Sophie loves to travel and became very curious about what the world had to offer for healthy skin care. She has explored rural areas in Germany, Czech, Turkey, China, South East Asia and many more. In these places, she not only discovered the power of herbs and natural substances but also the superior effectiveness of handmade processes, which preserve the nutrition of the ingredients.

Our innovation lies in the both of our formulas and our process. We stay true to authentic, ancient skin health and beauty remedies created over the centuries. 

Our ingredients

With the highest value placed on all-natural, gentle ingredients, all of True Formulation products are formulated with ____, a ____ known for their beneficial properties in improving the __ of the skin.

  • Rosewater (made from rose petals) - we brew our rosewater fresh from rose petals. Rosewater has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce redness and skin irritation and regenerate skin tissues.
  • Ancient Chinese herbal compounds: for keeping skin clear, visibly reduce scarring in 3 months
  • Oils:
  • Honey: with minerals (zinc), vitamins and antioxidants → moisturizing, cleaning pores, nurturing

And, other ancient ingredients are:

Honey, Peach Kernel, Peony, Matcha Green Tea, Poria, Osmanthus, Ginseng, Topol Leather, Peach petals, Barley, MaiMenDong, safflower, chrysanthemum, Angelica, Dead Sea Silt (essential to healthy skin). Many of these items have vitamins, magnesium,calcium, potassium, and iron, etc.