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Apothecary's Youth Mask

$ 30.00
Apothecary's Youth Mask

Apothecary's Youth Mask

$ 30.00

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  • Our original Apothecary's Youth Mask as a gift collection. A DIY 2-in-1 rich, honey-based mask with rare blends of Asian botanicals that pamper and transform the look and feel of skin for a more youthful complexion. Comes with white ceramic dish and mini spatula for mixing and application.

    What makes it special: A fun, customizable mix-mask experience that leaves the skin deeply nourished. Each dry mix, with over 20 natural ingredients, is formulated to address specific skin needs based on traditional skincare remedies that were highly prized and used by nobilities in Imperial China since the early 600s. Women in ancient China relied on herbs to preserve their youthful look. The tried-and-proven formulas were the secrets behind a Chinese empress' smooth and porcelain skin, long before serums were invented. By keeping the liquid and dry mix separate, we prevent premature oxidation and preserve the healing properties of both, without adding chemical preservatives.

    Liquid: African black honey base infused with rose petal, freshly brewed rose water, and pure oils that yield optimum moisture.
    Dry mix: Our special blend of more than 20 ancient Chinese herbal ingredients with anti-aging properties that calm redness, keep skin clear, and reduce scarring over time. Mixes are formulated for each skin type and desired effects. 

    Ideal for: Choose from 4 skin-focus solutions: oil-balancing, nourishing, calming, purifying.

  • Made with 100% natural ingredients - formulated with zero paraben, silicones, animal testing, synthetic perfume, synthetic colors, sulfate detergents, mineral oils, DEA, TEA, or phthalates.

    Fresh ingredients: African black honey; aloe vera; water; ginseng; Angelica; peony; atractylodes; job's tears; madhunuhi; hyacinth orchid; caltrop; talc; green tea; European verbena; typhonium rhizome; mung bean; abricotier kernel; Chinese sage; Ampelopsis; Solomon's seal; cortex dictamni; Chinese gold thread; chrysanthemum; mulberry.

    Size: 2+1 oz
  • Shake bottle of liquid base and pour 0.5oz (1/4 of bottle) into ceramic dish. Empty one packet of Dry Mix. Slowly mix with spatula until a paste consistency is achieved. Apply a generous layer onto cleansed face using the mini spatula. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Tone with Rose Elixir. Recommendation: Use once a week for optimal results.

    Storage: Store in room temperature between 40-80 ºF, avoid direct sunlight.

    Shelf life: 2 months

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